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FRAMINGO RECORDS are a vibrant independent
label operating out of Cumbernauld, Scotland.

It is a sad state of affairs when, in this era of instantly
manufactured  (and forgotten!!!) pop-stars and z-list reality
celebrities, that a pretty face and formalistic tune are the key components in building a successful career in music to the detriment of raw talent and genuine determination.

We at FRAMINGO are on a mission to halt this slide into
a media- induced quagmire of talent-less nobodies and
restore a feeling of genuine faith in the future of rock` n `roll
which has been sadly lacking since. …Well, since the last
time the future of rock`n`roll was at risk!!!

FRAMINGO have many moons of experience in performing, recording and releasing records and aim to provide a springboard for new and unsigned bands to enter the fray of the music industry and sample its wicked delights. We don’t promise a sell-out tour of the Balkans or your posters on every stationary object from Tollcross to Skye!! But, we can offer a deal suited to your needs (and our bank balance!) to provide a starting point when setting out on the journey of discovery into a world populated by royalties, riders and reefers…

FRAMINGO are into anything with a decent tune, a touch of originality and bands with an ability to play live and entertain. Above all you need what we term The F-FACTOR ©.THE FRAMINGO FACTOR!!!!

Check out this site and get to know us….
and if you like what you see, get in touch and lets Get it on!!!


Projekt Kotelett
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Li'l Zé
John Peel BBC tribute

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Framingo Records are on an extended beano at the moment due to the state of the music industry & the fact that we need time to plot our next assault on you unsuspecting public.

We shall return early 2013 so keep an eye & do not despair, we have not given up on destroying those that peddle mince masquerading as quality music! Framingo xxx

ps: Our music is still availabale to buy in our shop & at all good independent music stores!!


For all you young upstarts there who want to join the Framingo revolution.  Send us your demos.  Get your sounds directly over to us at 35 The Wynd, Cumbernauld, G67 2ST & we will subjectively assess if they have The Framingo Factor!  Or alternatively email us with your Web or MySpace site. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing so if you have it-send it in.  We will at least have a wee listen & get back to you with our thoughts on your  F-FACTOR ©. So get your sound over here!! Not only are we looking for bands to record but also bands to play live at our up & coming shows so tell us about yourself now!!

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Fools Circle
Fools Circle
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The Fantastic Skuzzies
The Skuzzies
Little John Rocket
Little John Rocket
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The Fabulous Vanille
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Riot Eyes & Burn Blondie Burn
Projekt Kotelett